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As the best higher education institute in Germany’s smallest state, Saarland University boasts an impressive profile. This research university attracts students from all over Germany and dozens of countries worldwide.

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Location and Campus

The main Saarland University campus is located in the capital city of Saarbrucken. Often called the Dudweiler, the campus is situated in the northern limits of the city in a quiet and isolated area along Road L252. Dudweiler refers to a small borough that is located right near the university.

The Dudweilier campus of Saarland University in Saarbrucken consists of more than 100 total buildings. Academic complexes, student housing, administrative offices and other laboratory structures make up this large campus. The buildings at Saarbrucken are labeled with letters and followed by numbers.

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For example, the C2 Building is used by medicinal chemistry departments and Building E2 is occupied by bioinformatics studies. The university also maintains its own botanical gardens for the enjoyment of students, staff and visitors. Outdoor and indoor athletic facilities are also available at the Saarland University.

The other campus of Saarland University is located in the town of Homburg, which is in the Saarpfaltz district of Saarland. Offering only a limited number of academic activity and research facilities, the Homburg campus is much smaller than the Saarbrucken campus.

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Brief History of Saarland University

In 1948, Saarland University was established in Homburg. This university brought plenty of economic stimulation to Saarland after the horrible destruction of World War II. Since Saarland was under French occupation immediately after the war, it makes sense that France was responsible for opening this major university.

Saarland University was opened thanks to affiliation with the University of Nancy of France. Originally, the university established academic studies in German and French. Today, the bilingual tradition still continues at the University of Saarland.

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Several years after opening, Saarland University became part of the Association of West German Universities. This was possible as Saarland joined the Federal Republic of Germany after French occupation for more than a decade. Since the 1950s, Saarland University has become one of the top universities in Germany.

Saarland University Academics

Saarland University is considered to be an institute of higher education that specializes in research of several scientific and technological fields. This university has advanced degrees in the fields of computer science and materials science. New specialties such as nanotechnology and Information Technology are also considered some of the top programs of study at Saarland University.

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Students at Saarland University can earn traditional levels of degrees as given out in German and European universities. The university awards Diplom, Magister and P.H.D. degrees in various specialties. Of course, Saarland University also has entire academic halls dedicated to teaching traditional and classic science such as chemistry, biology and physics. Business, law and medicine are some of the top non-scientific programs offered at Saarland University. Cultural studies, especially those involving German and French history, are also part of the curriculum at Saarland University.

Prestige and Heritage of Saarland University

Several members of Saarland University have earned the Leibniz Prize Award. This award is a very prestigious accomplishment that is given out to scientists in Germany.

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Leibniz Prize winners from Saarland University were acclaimed for their accomplishments in areas such as digital image processing, computer graphics, inorganic chemistry and materials science. Some of these award winners continued to be involved with Saarland University by teaching and doing further research.

Saarland University has produced hundreds of notable alumni that have gone on to make real changes throughout the world. Scientists, economists, philosophers, authors and politicians from Saarland’s top university have influenced German and European society on major scales.

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