Top attractions and must-visit sites in Saarland

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Some of the best attractions in Saarland are located in the state’s capital city. Saarbrucken boasts plenty of interesting historical sites and landmarks that attract tourists from all over Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. The state’s Saar […]

Visiting Saarland — travel guide

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Getting to the German state of Saarland is convenient by several modes of transportation. After landing at the local airport in Saarland, International tourists can take advantage of the state’s public transit system. Air Travel To Saarland For most international […]

Saarland history and facts

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Rich in history, Saarland is a small and somewhat mysterious region of Germany. Some consider this state a hidden German gem that contrasts greatly with other major metropolitan areas in the country. Go on and read some interesting facts and […]

Saarland’s quaint and charming nature

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As the smallest state in Germany, Saarland is characterized by a quaint and charming nature. Read on to learn more about this wonderful region in southwest Germany that attracts plenty of visitors all year long. Quick Facts about Saarland The […]

Saarland University — the best higher education

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As the best higher education institute in Germany’s smallest state, Saarland University boasts an impressive profile. This research university attracts students from all over Germany and dozens of countries worldwide. Location and Campus The main Saarland University campus is located […]